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Saving Hay…or trying to…

17504508_10212319918256224_3646689506432423934_oI have just implemented yet another method to try to get the horses to eat the hay I pay for rather than stomp it, sleep in it or poop in it.  Maybe I am too obsessed, other people don’t seem to be as concerned as I am.

At this blog writing though, I am unemployed so wasting hay is a sensitive topic.  A round bale was delivered less than 3 weeks ago that they stomped into oblivion.  You won’t convince me they ate even half of it.

With the delivery of the round bale today I have added a round bale slow feeder net.  I am going to see if it makes a difference in waste and consumption time.  On a recent trail ride to Tennessee the Hay Chicks were camped nearby.  The campground owner used their brand of round bale slow feeder nets, and thus a discussion followed.  This is my 220th attempt at saving hay, well maybe not really 220, but that blog is for another day.

I will report results when the next round bale is delivered.  Stay tuned, to save hay or not to save hay, that is the question.

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