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A little background….

FB_IMG_1440235744725.jpgI moved back to Missouri in 2012 after living 12 years in upstate New York.  I brought with me a non-horse New York husband, a man who grew up on Long Island, New York and spent most of his life in the upper portion of the state.

Anytime one moves from one part of the country to another, there is a bit of culture shock.  My poor husband didn’t have a moment to adjust to that as I dragged him hook, line and pocket book into the world of horses.

He had to learn horse-talk such as 2H, GN LVQ, JD(2 horse goose-neck living quarters, John Deere).  He quickly learned, but has had a harder time adjusting to the complete and total invasion of the horse into every area of our lives.

We will eat PBJ for two weeks because the horse needs a special shoe….It is entirely possible that he thinks I should seek treatment, not for drugs or alcohol, but an addiction to the equine.

My non-horse husband has been a terrific support and is a true animal lover.   I however, cannot even describe it any better that this blog post published on Horse Nation.

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