How I came to Natural Hoof Care.

I am sharing a story of a lame horse not to solicit opinions or stir opposition, but hopefully some part of my story will help someone out there with their […]

The New Horse

After the loss of a horse in a freak accident, I found myself shopping for the elusive replacement.  Opinions, ideas, and advice swirled around me like a night fog on […]

Starner Campground

I recently stayed at the starner campground in Patterson Missouri just South of the Sam A Baker state park.The campground is new getting into horse camping and is in progress […]

Slabtown Horse Camp, LLC

Slabtown Horsecamp, LLC sits on the very edge of the Paddy Creek Wilderness Area near Roby, MO.  The horse community is welcoming new owners Steve and Maggie Short who took […]

Spring Riding Season….

For you this might just be another day at work, an operation, one of many you do today.  Please do your work well, for me, it’s the rest of my […]

Falling Water Horse Camp

Address: 1616 Upper Falling Water Rd, Sand Gap, AR 72856 The horse camp is a small camp that lies along the edge of Falling Water Creek.  The camp has showers, stabling facilities, […]

Mother’s Day on the Trail

There is just nothing better than spring  trail riding.  A tradition for my riding friends and I is a yearly trip on Mother’s Day each year.  We share the trip […]