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Category: Horses

Slabtown Horse Camp, LLC

Slabtown Horsecamp, LLC sits on the very edge of the Paddy Creek Wilderness Area near Roby, MO.  The horse community is welcoming new owners Steve and Maggie Short who took […]

Falling Water Horse Camp

Address: 1616 Upper Falling Water Rd, Sand Gap, AR 72856 The horse camp is a small camp that lies along the edge of Falling Water Creek.  The camp has showers, stabling facilities, […]

Mother’s Day on the Trail

There is just nothing better than spring  trail riding.  A tradition for my riding friends and I is a yearly trip on Mother’s Day each year.  We share the trip […]

White Line Disease

Disclaimer: I am not a vet. I am not a farrier. I am not a photographer – the photos posted here are from my cell phone, and the angulation viewed […]

A little background….

I moved back to Missouri in 2012 after living 12 years in upstate New York.  I brought with me a non-horse New York husband, a man who grew up on […]

Saving Hay…or trying to…

I have just implemented yet another method to try to get the horses to eat the hay I pay for rather than stomp it, sleep in it or poop in […]

Upper Current River

Upper Current River – Salem, MO Fellow Ozark trail riders’ spring is upon us! We are all looking forward to being able to saddle up and head out on the […]