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Starner Campground

I recently stayed at the starner campground in Patterson Missouri just South of the Sam A Baker state park.The campground is new getting into horse camping and is in progress in getting a lot of the upgrades that a new campground goes through. However the campground is spacious clean, the shower house is gorgeous and the campground host is accommodating friendly and a great guide out on the trail.The campground has water and electric and full(water/electric/sewer) hook up sites.

At this time there are a few horse pens, you can high-line or request barn stall.

For me the outdoor pen was fine. And not being a good blogger I didnt get a photo. But I will next time.

My first day there for me was a test day for a previously lame horse. I wanted an easy flat ride we could do at a walk and stretch his legs. We found just what we needed out in the Wappapello Conservation area. Wide open tracks that ran between crop fields, in and out of the woods and down through the creek. Best part, it was not crowded.

Second day was a ride down the Ozark Trail south, you do haave to cross Highway 143 and you have the choice to go over or under. The Ozark Trail is actually routed under the bridge.

The scenery to that point was beautiful Missouri hardwood forest along the St. Francis river. Make sure you stop and see the Spring in the Tree.

I do believe I found the oldest cemetary I have ever seen. The Hickson Hill Cemetary is a great spot on the Ozark to stop for a break. Lots of shade and big rocks available for mounting.

It was interesting to contemplate the lives of those laid to rest there.

At the cemetary we did run into a group of local folks and had a nice break and chat about the area.

From the cemetary we continued south along the Ozark Trail, and did a cut back down a powerline and headed back in. All told about a thirteen mile ride. I am going to return and ride with the locals to learn the trails on the east side of the river.

I did not even make it up to SAB to ride Mudlick Mountain which is an additional 16.75 mile loop.

This is a super close campground for me and I look forward to their horse camping improvements.

I also heard in the park there is a good restaurant but I did not make it up there. With the trails identified this weekend…including Mudlick you can easily ride 3 days there, and once I map the east side of the river even more!

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