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Dear Santa…from second-hand dog.

Dear Santa,
I am a second-hand dog. I am writing to help you understand that I am not bad, even though you might think that. I want to help you so that I might get my Christmas wish.

You see Santa, I had lived with a family since I was a pup. I don’t think I was a bad dog, however one day they said to me, “We are moving and you can’t go.” I didn’t understand why I couldn’t go with my family. Wasn’t there room, was there no dog food, was I a bad dog?

We took a ride in the truck. Oh Santa, I loved riding in the truck. The wind, the smells, the sunshine. My family dropped me off at a new place. A farm they called it. Santa, I didn’t know what a farm was, I was pretty scared.

Santa, this new home has taken some adjustment. I have tried so hard to be good. There are other Border Collies here and they run the house and climb on all the furniture. It makes me so nervous. My other family taught me to only be in the utility room. I run there for safety.

The lady who lives in this new place pets my head and says she loves me. I am not sure I can trust her. We went to herd sheep, oh Santa! That was the best, and I just loved it. There was a stock tank to jump in to cool off. I was in heaven!

That brings me to my Christmas wish, Santa can I stay here, forever? I promise I have tried to be good. I play ball, and play with the other dogs. I go to my crate when asked, and come inside when called, although I am working on “inside” it just makes me so nervous, but I don’t think that is “bad” do you?

So Santa, if you can see past the loss of my first family, I would sure like a forever home. I promise I will try my best to be good.

Love, Second-hand dog.

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