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Falling Water Horse Camp

Address: 1616 Upper Falling Water Rd, Sand Gap, AR 72856

The horse camp is a small camp that lies along the edge of Falling Water Creek.  The camp has showers, stabling facilities, and electric and water hookups.

There is room for large rigs and dogs are allowed in camp properly leashed.

The riding here is as good as it gets and sometimes it takes some hoof time to get to see some of the really great spots.

Pedestal Rock

Pedestal Rocks

Shoes or boots, drill tech or borium recommended.  Climbs up and down can be steep and rocky.  There are elk, black bear, and wild hogs in the area.

Riding in Arkansas is some of the best riding in the country.  You can ride to many waterfalls in the area.  The ride to Twin Falls, on Devil’s Fork Creek is not a ride that is for the faint of heart, but is oh so worth it.  It is one of the wildest and prettiest places I have been.Twin Falls - Devil's Fork Creek










I stayed at Falling Water Horse Camp at the end of October.  Weather was cool but great temperature for riding.  A campfire in the morning was a welcome companion to a chilly morning!

The scenery always astounds and amazes me, from old homestead walls to the beauty of the woods and the creeks






























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