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Mother’s Day on the Trail

There is just nothing better than spring  trail riding.  A tradition for my riding friends and I is a yearly trip on Mother’s Day each year.  We share the trip with other friends, Moms and Grandmas.

For most of us, life has it’s various predicaments and challenges.  To get away with good friends and horses provides respite and recharging like no other.  There is awe on the trail for the beauty present and laughter around the campfire until the tears flow.  It is good for the soul.  Horse people are good people and good friends.

44456700_718715255174985_6749271179854348288_nOn one crossing my horse Traveler stumbled, dunking us both.  He came up spluttering and snorting.  While I am sure my method of remaining on the horse was unconventional, as balance was already askew due to my feet being up near the saddle horn to keep my boots dry, it drew cheers from the riders behind me.  Squishy socks and wet boots for the rest of the ride was the burden to bear for leaving my dry sack behind in camp.

2018 found us back at Pinecrest Campground and Cabins located outside Salem, Missouri on the upper Current River.  In Missouri the Current River is one of my favorites, and early spring finds the river dressed in beautiful spring colors of  turquoise and green, with golden reflections of sunshine.44273398_485602928613061_7845112294219448320_n

The weekend weather was so perfect, it was as though we had special ordered it.

The first day out we headed South along the river for a full day of riding.  Our destination goal was Aker’s Ferry, a popular stop along the river for floaters.

When  river conditions permit the ferry takes cars, machinery and anything else that needs a ride across the river and back.

44443881_468748220278686_7091620153980354560_nAker’s Ferry has a small general store that carries soda, ice cream and a few tourist items. If you head downriver some cash in the pocket can come in handy at the store.

There is a large field across the road with benches, picnic tables and grills.  It makes a good stop for a break on a summer day. It is a 22 mile ride.


On the way down river the trail is easy, and meanders mostly along the river.  You can stop at Flying W, the spring in the hill, Welch Spring, the old schoolhouse and Medgar Cabin.  The trail does wind back and forth across the river 5 or 6 times, which provides ample opportunities for a drink for the horses and awesome place to cool your hooves.


Current River at Welch Spring


Susie Nichols Cabin


Upper Current River
















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