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Book Review – Soul of a Dog – Jon Katz

As a blogger I suppose you can write about anything, along side trail riding and horses, I love animals and reading as well.  Today I share in my blog a review of a very good book for animal lovers.

Soul of a Dog

Soul of a Dog: Reflections on the Spirits of the Animals of Bedlam Farm – Jon Katz

Katz pulls the reader in with a title that has the potential to be equally as polarizing as the health care or auto industry debate raging in America right now. In today’s world – that is no small task to compete with such hot topics.

You can’t walk past this title in a bookstore, and at first glance not secretly drop your vote on where you might stand on this issue.

Katz has a fliud ease in telling the stories about the animals he lives with on Bedlam Farm and easily enters into the realm of the great animal authors.

Move over Lassie, Rose, Izzy and Elvis have arrived.

The book will take you on a endearing journey, one where you will to be confronted not with the feelings of the author, but your own. Katz tells the stories of the honest and pure lives of the animals in a way, that enables even the non-farmers in the audiance to nod in aknowledgement of some obvious truth that wasn’t apparent one paragraph, or even on sentance before.

Katz is does not approach the spiritual issues of our beloved animal relationships with the hell-fire and brimstone of the old time preacher, but rather the down to earth seeker that we have been taught it is more honorable to be.

A tip of the hat and a good belly rub – this is a must read for any of those who live with animals of all sizes and shapes. It will not only entertain you, but it will challenge you along the way.

Good Job – Katz! Good Job.


  1. Just read article about your trip to BSF. I live in Ky and have ridden around there but after reading tour article want to go to Charit Creek Lodge. Will be riding out from True West as our Basecamp. Only want to stay 1 night at lodge so where do you recommend we ride after we wake up from Lodge and work our way back to True West campground? Gonna tey to make this a 4 day trip.

    • We rode the trail out of camp over to the Cumberland River, then road the Northern loop back to Charit Creek, then back up the hill to trail head.

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